How do I start my network / How will my profile and projects be published?

Please note that your personal profile is not automatically online. You must first complete your details and then put them online manually. In addition, your profile must be online so that you can publish your projects (offline profile = no visible projects).
Please note that your projects are not automatically online either. You have to edit them first and can then publish each project individually manually.

What happens to my data?

Please read our disclaimer on data protection carefully. We will not share your data with any third parties. If you voluntarily provide information about your gender and age, you will help us to better understand which group of architects is most interested in the service - so we can improve it...

How can I communicate with others? Who can see my personal contact information? Will I receive many automated emails?

The ARCH-E platform does not offer a communication or chat function. To get in touch with others, you will need to start a personal communication through your private email account.
Your email address will only be displayed to registered and logged in users, not to the public. In this way we try to avoid fishing mails.
The ARCH-E platform will also not send you any mails. (Unless you have subscribed to our biannual newsletter).

Is it free of charge?

Yes! And it will remain free of charge. As part of an EU-funded project, it is very important to us to provide easy, low-threshold and free access to all services.

Is it limited in time?

No! The ARCH-E project runs until January 2026 and due to our contract with the European Commission as the basis for funding the project, the platform has to be online beyond the project period. However, it is in all our interests to implement this platform in the long term! Please support us and share it on your social media channels, inform your interested colleagues and your professional environment about it.

Is it for everyone? Who can register?

The ARCH-E network supports professionals in the field of architecture to easily find cross-border cooperation partners to participate in ADCs. Anyone who is allowed to work as an architect in his or her country on the basis of national standards can register. In addition, it is in ARCH-E's interest to particularly promote the participation of usually less represented groups of people, such as women and smaller, younger offices, in the network. Everyone is welcome! Please support us and spread the word!

Why should I create my profile here (I already use LinkedIn and similar platforms)?

yes, we understand your point. ARCH-E can be more than a network. Here you will find helpful information on the topic of ADCs in the different (partner) countries (ARCH-E map, coming soon), a glossary with 100 keywords related to the ADC,... Also, here you will meet people who share the interest in ADC with you (regard it as “filter”). And by participating in this network, you signal that you are interested in the international ADC scene and may be available for cross-border cooperation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to publish yourself, your office and, above all, your competition entries as well as the realisation of competition prizes simply, clearly and free of charge.