Anna Kyrii, © Arsen Fedosenko, Photographer: Arsen Fedosenko

Anna Kyrii

Anna Kyrii Architectural prijecting group LLC

Kyiv, Honcara, 82 | 01054 Kyiv
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"Anna Kyrii Architectural and Design Group" company was founded in 2008. We work as a General Designer and create for our clients all types of project documentation. In our architectural decisions, we are guided by the principles of contemporary architecture. We always find and offer the best solution that improves our clients’ business and solve their business tasks. Our global goal is to make projects that develop Ukraine. Legal Form organization. Limited Liability Company, VAT payer, and income tax on a general basis. The company has one owner. The founder and owner is Anna Kyrii, Architect and MBA, manager of EU-Funded Projects. The company specializes in development of the following types of work:
-Consulting on any issues related to the process of design and development of architectural objects;
-Development of concepts with the analysis of limit parameters of building and risk-map;
-Finding the best architectural and engineering solutions for the task;
-Project documentation: Pre-project, Schematic Design, Project, Work Project and Working Documentation;
-Author's supervision of construction.
The list of projects developed by our company includes above 260 projects in such categories: public buildings, housing, office buildings and business centers, multifunctional complexes, healthcare, schools, kindergartens, leisure centers, cottage towns, interiors of public spaces. Among the objects built by our projects are: Office: The National Health Service of Ukraine, Kyivstar Administrative Complex (first stage) Healthcare: Maternity Hospital "Leleka" in Kyiv, clinic network «Doctor SAM» Leisure: Aqua Park in Mukachevo Public: Center of Government Services in Nova Kahovka Housing: 3 Teremkivska Str., 84-A Artema Str., Cottage-town "Lebedivka" Retail: Billa Shopping Center in Vyshgorod Interior: Furshet shop in Antonovicha Str. and Vyshgorodska Str., interiors of lecture halls, restaurants, and offices. What we don’t do: for the interior design projects of private houses and apartments it is better to contact another company, we will be happy to give recommendations. Our specialists are focused on solving business tasks. Awards in the Contests: Winning the Atlantes of Building Competition in the “Most Effective Project Team” nomination, Grand Prix and eight awards of the All-Ukrainian competition of NSAU in the nominations "Multi-floor residential buildings" and "public complexes and buildings", Grand Prix of the All-Ukrainian competition "Building Star", 2nd place in the competition "Interior of the Year", victory in Reset City for best project on the reincarnation of urban space, 2d place in the “Interior of the Year” Contest, Winning the Reset City Contest Best Urban Transformation Project. Team: all the people working in the company are talented individuals and high-level specialists in their field. They are architects with qualifications certificates, designers and management. The company works closely with specialists and organizations of engineering specialties, involving them in the development of project documentation as subcontractors. We are proud of a team that is able to create and implement large-scale and important projects for Ukraine.