Katerina Koutsogianni, © Koutsogianni, Photographer: Koutsogianni

Katerina Koutsogianni

Cyprus Architects Association
Architect, ADC Expert

Constantinou Palaiologou 37 | 1015 Nicosia
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Katerina Koutsogianni is an architect and design researcher investigating transdisciplinary models of thinking and practicing architecture. She studied architecture in Volos, Greece (UTh) and holds an MSc in Architectural Design - Space - Culture from National Technical University of Athens NTUA and an MSc in Fine Arts from the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Since 2008, she has been a partner of Antonas Office, an architecture and research collective.

Antonas office is developing projects across a wide range of scales, from intimate objects and performance, to architecture, urban design and planning. We are interested in architecture as social infrastructure, in developing collective equipments, in the design of spaces of care, empathy and welfare. We design and research expanding new problematics about ecology, the domestic, everyday life and the city. Their work has received multiple awards in Greece and internationally, Amphitheater House for a Mies Van der Rohe Award (2009), Open Air Office for ArchMarathon 2015 prize. Their work has been presented and exhibited widely, most notably in the 2014 Venice Biennale, the Benaki Museum 5th Biennale of Young Greek Architects and Basel’s Swiss Architecture Museum and in Austria’s Vorarlberger Architektur Institut,and the Thessaloniki Biennial in 2009,

She has extensive teaching experience at institutions such as the University of Thessaly, the University of Patras, and ETH University of Zurich in Architecture and Urban Design program. Her research explores the intersections between architecture, performance and the moving image. She is currently a Scientific officer in the Cyprus Architects Association exploring actors, policies and tools promoting high-quality Architecture and Baukultur as the new political ethos in Europe.