Leonidas Koutsoumpos, © Leonidas Koutsoumpos, Photographer: Leonidas Koutsoumpo

Leonidas Koutsoumpos

Leonidas Koutsoumpos
Architect, ADC Expert

Santaroza 3 | 10563 Athens

Leonidas Koutsoumpos (1976) is a registered architect, teaching as an assistant professor of theory of architectural design at the school of architecture in Athens, Greece. He graduated from the same school where he also completed a post-professional postgraduate course. He was awarded a scholarship from the Greek state to accomplish a PhD in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the past he has taught also in Patras and Edinburgh.

He is actively practicing architecture and he sees his design studio as ‘construction site’ where architectural ideas are being. He has experience in designing projects of various domestic scales and he has participated in architectural competition of public buildings. He has also been engaged in the restoration of heritage buildings and enhancement of archaeological sites.