Maria Anastasiou, © Yiota Varnava, Photographer: Yiota Varnava

Maria Anastasiou


Sotiri Tsaggari 27, Flat 6 | 5320 Liopetri
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I am interested in the intersection of space, aesthetics, well-being, and the simple act of daily life.
From space to object to ritual to simply breathing.

Architecture is about aesthetics. Aesthetics is about simplicity. Simplicity is about details.
All together is about having space to breathe, enjoy the little things, and be in the slow now.
It is all about the joy of being.

Somewhere along these lines, IDEABAR Studio was conceived in the summer of 2014, my contribution to creating a world where everyday life is celebrated and enjoyed through experiences designed with a mindful, holistic approach.

As an architect, I have come to recognize the transformative power of the built environment, as it is within these spaces —there, where we live, work, socialize— that our life's story unfolds. I acknowledge the importance of the synergy between aesthetics and well-being. The importance it holds over both daily life and space.

After the 2020 pandemic, my perspective shifted towards enabling a deeper and more meaningful relationship within our daily environment. It became my mission to turn the way we experience not only space but also our interactions with others, into a celebration. A celebration of the mundane and almost always overlooked aspects of daily life. A celebration that does not stay confined to the bounds of traditional notions of architecture and design, but extends into the non-physical, non-tangible ways an experience within the built environment can take place.

Founder + ArchitectFounder + Architect | IDEABAR Studio · Self-employedIDEABAR Studio · Self-employed | Jan 2015 - Present
ArchitectArchitect | FreelanceFreelance | May 2014 - Jan 2015
Interior ArchitectInterior Architect | Costas Chiros & Associates · Full-timeCostas Chiros & Associates · Full-time | Jun 2007 - May 2014