Roumen Donev, © Roumen Donev, Photographer: Roumen Donev

Roumen Donev

InStudio D
Architect, ADC Expert

Rodopski Izvor 106 | 1618 Sofia
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"In Studio D" LTD is an architecture and design studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2009 by Desislava Doneva and Arch. Roumen Donev. The scope of the company's activities includes all aspects of architectural design, planning, and interior design. We have experience in the design of residential, office, and mixed-use buildings, and the reconstruction of existing buildings and interiors. "In Studio D" LTD works with a team of experienced engineers and architects, and our work is based on the pursuit of quality. With our experience based on more than twenty years of practicing architecture profession and the design of numerous residential, mixed-use buildings and interiors we can provide comprehensive and high-quality services in the field of architecture and interior design.

We understand and believe in the principles of sustainable buildings. We offer three main groups of services in the process of LEED design and certification.

LEED Design is aimed at clients who know the benefits of Greed Buildings and plan their projects from the early stage with the intention of obtaining LEED certification. An architect with LEED AP accreditation is of great benefit to such projects. We provide the full scope of preliminary and technical design services required for LEED certification. Design for LEED requires a detailed and fully specified project that must comply with both local codes and LEED requirements. We can also be part of a larger design team and contribute to the overall design and certification process.

LEED Project Management is aimed at clients, who want to hire LEED AP consultants for their projects. We advise, oversee, and manage the LEED certification process during the design and construction phases. We work closely with the owner, design team, contractors, and commissioning authorities to achieve LEED certification goals. We act as USGBC/GBCI liaison during the LEED design, review, and submittal process and are responsible for the final verification and submittal of the required LEED documentation.