Tetiana Havrylenko, © Tetiana Havrylenko, Photographer: Serhii Havrylenko

Tetiana Havrylenko



I am a certified architect from Ukraine, a project coordinator, specializing in the design of new and reconstruction of existing public and residential buildings and structures, as well as the improvement of public spaces and creating conditions for unhindered access for people with reduced mobility, including people with disabilities. I have successful experience of over 5 years in the public sector. I am familiar with the process and stages of developing project documentation from collecting initial data to completion comprehensive building expertise. I am well-versed in the current regulatory and legislative framework of Ukraine related to job responsibilities. In my work, I am helped by purposefulness, quick adaptation, and enthusiasm for modern trends in architecture, result orientation, high efficiency, and responsibility for decisions made and work done, communication skills, teamwork, and stress resistance.