I am a licensed architect with international experience and a Gaia Education certified trainer for sustainability/regeneration.

As the director of Studio Armano Linta I am here to collaborate in ADCs (and beyond) as a designer or a sustainability/regeneration consultant.

And perhaps to bring sustainability/regeneration more strongly into competition briefs and jury protocols, including the ecological, social, economic and worldview dimensions of sustainability.

I am passionate about architecture that simultaneously benefits users, local communities and wider ecosystems.

This is as least as much about voluntary simplicity and wise design as it is about low-emissions building materials and energy-efficient tech.

And it includes designing buildings and their surroundings as a single organism that regenerates water and wastewater cycles and benefits biodiversity and biophilia.

I have authored a book on regenerative architecture (see link below) and papers on participatory and regenerative design, and co-authored a chapter in the Routledge Companion to Cricital Approaches to Contemporary Architecture.

I like teamwork that pays attention to relationships, processes and results, and I lean towards teamwork processes based on consent (Sociocracy), transparency and non-violent communication.

With extensive experience in education for sustainability/regeneration, I can also be hired as a lecturer and educational workshop designer/facilitator.