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Zoltán Tima (KÖZTI)

Architect, ADC Expert

Lublói | 1023 Budapest
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KÖZTI Architects & Engineers, the architectural firm with the longest traditions in Hungary, was founded in 1949. During its history more than three thousand people have worked for it, so we can worthily say that since the middle of the last century, the cream of Hungarian architect professionals was associated with KÖZTI. Nowadays the company operates with more than 40 architects, who are supported by specialist engineers including structural, electrical and building engineering.

KÖZTI takes forward the finest traditions of Hungarian architecture. As proof of this, we can mention the important fact that KÖZTI has always been employing many architects who have won the most significant Hungarian architect awards, for example Miklós Ybl Award, Kossuth Award and Pro Archi­tectura Award. The buildings of these “masters” also got much attention by winning prestigious national and international awards. KÖZTI is highlighted among Hungarian architecture companies not only by its size and traditions but also by the number and diversity of its references. The company provides outstanding references in the fields of education, health, industry, trade and catering, but it is also highly familiar with the fields of residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, sports complexes and cultural property. Besides these, KÖZTI’s portfolio also includes major reconstructions in Hungary, as well as the designing of the SkyCourt Terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest Sports Arena and Puskas Ferenc National Stadium. The company also imple­mented remarkable projects around the world, mostly in the Middle East and Africa.

The key to the success of KÖZTI is the expertise and dedication of its staff, which includes internationally famous architects with the experience of many decades and also the youngest, ambitious architects. The most important values for them are the satisfaction of customers and the technical quality of the work done. László Smaraglay, Managing Director of KÖZTI together with Zoltán Tima Design Director, Alfréd Peschka Deputy Design Director and all designers – think that every building is an independent, unique creation which makes the joint dreams of the customer and the designer come true. However, designing a building is not just artistic creation but also engineering work, and this duality is what makes architecture special. KÖZTI employs the most excellent engineers to make sure that envisioned buildings of its customers will become reality in a professional, economic, power-saving way, by using all the innovative architectural solutions of the 21st century.