anotHERVIEWture Award, © anotHERVIEWture Award, Photographer: anotHERVIEWture Award

Take part into the anotHERVIEW Award!


The anotHERVIEWture AWARD is an award for excellence in female engineering sciences and architecture.

There are 1.119 female architects and chartered engineering consultants registered in Austria and 744 of them are actively working in their field of profession. 1.119 women, representing 10% of highly trained and officially accredited experts in Austria who design and create our built environment and develop engineering projects. The anotHERVIEWture AWARD introduces a number of these women and their work to you and a broader public in order to raise awareness of the female contribution to the building industry and to highlight role models in order to transform this field of profession towards equality and diversity.

The registration is open here.

The deadline is to March 31st, 2024.


anotHERVIEWture award.png, © anotHERVIEWture award, Photographer: anotHERVIEWture award
anotHERVIEWture award.png